Meet Odin

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Odin at 6 months old

This is Odin. As you can see, he is a Saint Bernard puppy. When my husband and I first started talking about getting a puppy, I knew that I wanted a big dog. My husband thought that I was crazy. “You don’t want a dog, you want a horse,” he’d say. But at at the end of the day, we both knew who would be the one training, caring for, and yes, even getting out the pooper scooper to clean up the yard. Me. 

You see, my husband is in the military, and was preparing to deploy shortly after we got the puppy. Which means that all things puppy related are on me, so my husband agreed that I could pick out the kind of dog we would get. Besides, who could say no to this face? 

Obviously, not my husband (that’s his arm Odin was using as a pillow).

We had discussed many different large and giant breed dogs before settling on a Saint. It happens that at the moment, we live in FL. Here is the sunshine state, there are plenty of very small dogs, and lots of pit bulls or pit bull mixes. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pit bulls at all. But, as I said, my husband is in the military. We are moving as soon as he comes home and if you’ve ever rented, you know that there are unfortunately a lot of places that have breed restrictions. Pits are generally on the restricted list. Saint, usually are not. Besides, there is just something that I’ve always loved about big, fluffy dogs. 

Saints are known for many different traits. They are the considered a gentle giant. They are also known for being extremely intelligent, often strong willed, loyal, and generally fantastic family dogs. Odin is all of those things. 

Saints are generally not big fans of the heat (we have orders to a cooler climate) which makes them fairly uncommon here in Florida. So we took a road trip to pick him up. My husband, myself, and our two kids hopped in the car and drove a little over 2000 miles on labor day weekend to pick him up. We looked at it as one last family adventure before my husband left us a few short weeks later. Oh, and if you are a weather buff, you might recall that there was a hurricane that hit Florida that weekend. We left just as it was rolling in and high tailed it up north just a few hours before the storm rolled in. Thankfully, my kids are great road trippers.